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Leo Love Horoscope for June 2018

Setback city

When it comes to love and relationships for you, this will be a month filled with non-starter energy, or even worse, complete setbacks. Now, to be clear, this doesn't equate to failure. This doesn't have to mean a horrific breakup if you're in a relationship. It's simply a time when you'll notice that the general motivation you have to push ahead in relationship matters has slowed down considerably. Perhaps you've lost a bit of passion. Perhaps it's just that you've lost your confidence to go after who you want or to pursue a mutual goal with your mate. Whatever the details are in your personal love story, the end result is the same. For June, it's time to press the pause button in love and relationships. It's necessary to look back on how far you've come with a special someone or honestly examine if you've actually gotten anywhere at all. It's also possible that you'll realize the destination has changed completely for the both of you -- and there might be a fork in the road where you each yearn to go down a different path.

Mars, the planet of assertive drive, motivation, and libido, will be slowing down all month long in preparation to turn retrograde. He'll begin the process on June 26 and will remain retrograde through August 27. Guess where he'll be retracing his steps in your life, Leo? That's right -- relationships. You clearly have some work to do in this area of your life, and the universe will make sure you sit still long enough over the summer to truly figure things out. You will.

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