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Libra Love Horoscope for June 2018

Not so sexy

Oh, Libra. This might not be your most exciting love forecast, but if you can trust that the universe has a plan and a lesson in mind, maybe you can successfully go with the flow and resolve to learn it.

Mars is important in your love life. He is the ruling planet of your partnership sector and has domain over assertiveness, courage, motivation, and even sex drive. As June begins, you'll notice immediately that something feels "off." It's as if no matter how hard you try, you don't have the ability to move mountains in your love life. Honestly, you might begin to feel as if you've lost the strength to even fight for a relationship if that is something you need to do now.

Mars will turn retrograde on June 26 and remains out of phase through August 27. This has implications for you in love, sex, and partnership matters -- significant ones. Backpedaling in your love life is quite likely. If you have resolved to go down one path with your partner, it might feel as if you've made the wrong decision and now you're second-guessing everything. What you're really questioning is your own motivation for being in the relationship you're in. Are you in love with each other and honoring the other's individual growth and development, or have you fallen into an unhealthy codependent situation? Only you have the answers. During this Mars retrograde cycle, you'll find them.

Interestingly enough, Mars will retrograde through your 5th House of Love, Passion, and Dating. If you're completely single and meet someone new during this time, it's not advised to begin a sexual relationship until Mars gets back on track. You're likely to be quite disappointed in the physical connection if you do. On the flip side, however, an ex-lover might return to your life. If that's the case, sparks will fly all over again.

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