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Sagittarius Love Horoscope for June 2018

Is it the love or the lover?

You might find yourself in quite the pickle this month, Sagittarius. Although a New Moon in your partnership sector on June 13 suggests a fresh start in relationship matters, there's something not quite right, something you may not be able to put your finger on.

Yes, if you're newly dating someone, it's possible that you'll decide to go exclusive. Yes, if you've been dating someone for a while, it's possible that you'll become engaged or even get married. And yes, if you're already married, there is something new indicated in your relationship. The "new" is guaranteed with this lunation. That's not the issue.

The problem is with the nagging voice inside your head that's suddenly questioning the very reason you're with this particular person. Is it for the right reasons? What, exactly, are the right reasons? Mars, the planet of motivation and ambition, the ruler of your true love sector, will turn retrograde on June 26. He'll retrograde through your communication sector until August 27, forcing you to re-evaluate everything you ever thought you knew about love, sex, passion, and pleasure. You'll go through endless changes in your mind in order to decipher if your relationship has a solid foundation. Most likely, conversations must be had between you and your lover in order to know what you have at all.

For some, heartache is possible. For others, breakthroughs. Either way, ask yourself: Where is the quandary? Is it the love … or is it the lover?

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