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Taurus Love Horoscope for June 2018

Life support

You'll notice you and your sweetheart wanting to spend much more time nesting and enjoying the comforts of home with each other after June 13. This might be for a very specific reason. Perhaps you're in the process of moving in together and are busy packing up your things and settling into your new space. You might feel extra creative and decide to paint, decorate, or even host a housewarming party with friends to celebrate your new adventure as a couple. If you're already living with your partner, this might be more about making a joint decision connected to a big-ticket purchase for your home. Happily, you'll both be in complete agreement. Newly dating someone? From June 13 through July 9, you'll have incredible cosmic support to bring your new love home to the family and make those initial introductions. It'll go over even better than you anticipate!

As the month winds down, you might notice that romance takes a backseat to increasing professional demands. Your status in life and career path overall needs a bit of attention now. You might begin to feel slightly deflated near June 26 when Mars turns retrograde in your career sector. Fortunately, since Mars is the co-ruler of your 7th House of Partnerships, you might lean more on your significant other for support during this time. When you aren't able to be the strong one, it's nice to know that your loved one has your back. He or she will remind you to take a step back and carefully consider your next steps professionally before charging ahead. Listen to your sweetheart's wise counsel.

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