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Spring Love Horoscopes 2013

Spring Love Horoscopes 2013

As the Sun starts to shine, so will your love life!
Maria DeSimone

Looking for love? Now that the Sun is out again after a long, dreary winter it's time to open your heart and see what the stars have in store for your romantic life. This spring we'll have plenty of cosmic cooperation to help you out.Venus and Mars -- the planets of love and desire -- will move along the zodiac at a pace that offers plenty of opportunity for your heart to soar. It's also eclipse season! For some signs, that means life-altering changes in the romance department. So go ahead, read all about your sign's spring love forecast. It's time to smile because the Sun is out and love is in the air! And to see how your birth chart looks for this coming spring time, try running a Big Picture Love Forecast!

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Your sign kicks off the Spring Equinox which automatically makes you extra favored in all things now -- especially love! Not only are you feeling more confident and vibrant, you can be sure that there will be plenty of romantic opportunities in store as spring opens up. From March 21-April 14 you're simply gorgeous! Venus will grace your sign during these weeks offering you plenty of seductive glow. In addition, Mars will be in your sign until April 20 adding even more sex appeal. Your powers of attraction will be off the charts during these weeks!

Be sure to schedule a fun-filled weekend on April 5-7 because whether you're single or attached, the sizzling conjunction of Venus to Mars will leave you breathless. If you're married, there might be a glitch in your relationship to work out during the nasty Full Moon in Libra on March 27. If you run into problems at this time but want to salvage the relationship, be sure to schedule a couples retreat the weekend of April 5-7. The make-up sex alone will heal you both!

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Taurus, you're the sign responsible for sustaining the beauty spring contains. This year, you'll be happy to know that when the flowers around you begin to bloom, so will your best romantic potential! Venus, your ruling planet of love, will enter your sign on April 15-May 9 and during this time your sensual charms will be off the charts! In addition to this, Mars, the planet of desire, will be in your sign from April 20-May 31. Although these two planets will play "hard to get" with each other, and never form an exact conjunction in the sky, you will certainly benefit from the mouthwatering love bites they'll offer. If you're attached however, there may be a few bumps in the relationship department this spring. On April 22 Venus will oppose Saturn, the planet of restriction and limits which is now in your 7th House of Committed Partnership.

There might be a test in your marriage -- particularly if you aren't feeling appreciated and adored from your mate. A Lunar Eclipse in your 7th house on April 25 will pick up on this theme. If there's a weak link in your relationship, this Eclipse may prompt a break. If this happens try not to fret ... a gorgeous Solar Eclipse in your sign on May 9 spells new beginnings everywhere!

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Although your sign is in its glory at the tail end of spring, this certainly doesn't mean you'll feel left out of the spring love club this year. In fact, in some ways the universe may have saved the best for last! First however, you'll need to get through an icky Full Moon in Libra on March 27. If you're single then it might be a time you feel sorry for yourself more than usual about your single status. If you're dating someone, this lunation will present a tough blow to your love fest. A break is possible -- especially if issues of trust and personal space crop up. Not to worry though, because the planets are sure to align in your favor by late spring. In fact, on May 9 and until June 2, Venus will be in your sign giving you the "fairest one of all" award.

Also, from May 31-June 13 Mars will be in your sign as well -- giving you all the ambition you need to pursue who you desire. On May 28 Venus and Jupiter embrace in your sign and you know what that means? Yummylicious romance! If you're married or in a serious relationship, then you can expect a turning point at the Lunar Eclipse on May 25. This Eclipse will fall in your 7th House of Committed Partnerships and if you've been blinded by love it's possible that now, your blind spot will be exposed. On the other hand, if you know that by now you're living a real life romantic fairytale, then it's possible you and your mate will deepen your commitment.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Although Saturn, the planet of tests and limitation, is now fully entrenched in your 5th House of True Love, don't automatically think that your spring is doomed to a dry spell. Instead, think of this as spring training for your heart. Admittedly, March 22 might be a difficult day to navigate since Venus will oppose Saturn. A friend may show marked disapproval for someone you've got your sights on. In the end, you'll need to make the call and be true to yourself. But first, take your friend's point into consideration ... is this person really good enough for you?

A Lunar Eclipse on March 25 in your 5th house might force you to take pause and give serious consideration in matters of the heart. You don't just want to give your love away; you want it to be earned by someone who deserves it. From June 2-26 you'll have plenty of magnetism thanks to Venus touring your sign. Love potential will be stimulated on June 7 when Venus forms a friendly link to Saturn in your 5th house. This will be your weekend to take a chance on love!

Leo (July 23 - Aug. 22)

Although romance might not by your primary focus this spring, you'll have your fair share of action in the love department. The main event for you, by far, will be the Lunar Eclipse on May 25. This Eclipse will fall in your 5th House of True Love and you can expect illumination when it comes to your feelings for someone special. There's a heavy dose of Neptunian energy around this Eclipse and it's possible that you'll think you're only fooling yourself that this couldn't possibly be love. Think again. This Eclipse will provide a turning point for you where you may consider entering into a relationship with someone you didn't see clearly in the past. You might still feel confused as you begin the relationship. However, you will have him or her on a pedestal for now and will be willing to give your new partner the benefit of the doubt.

If you're attached, it's possible that your feelings for this person will deepen and those beautiful "I love yous" will be exchanged for the very first time. With Venus and Jupiter embracing days later on May 28 in your 11th House of Love Received, you will be more open to love this week than any other time this spring. Go ahead, fall in love. Your heart is ready.

Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)

This spring, love can definitely feel like "Some Kind of Wonderful" thanks to a few gorgeous links to Neptune, now in your 7th House of Partnership. But first, don't forget to mark your calendar for the weekend of April 5-7 since a sexy conjunction of Venus to Mars in your 8th House of Deep Intimacy may prove to be quite titillating! After Venus enters Taurus, she'll connect beautifully to Neptune -- on April 18. This will be your day for inspirational love. You and your sweetheart may decide to take a spiritual or romantic retreat together -- and it could involve long distance travel!

When Mars connects to Neptune on April 26 you'll have no trouble sharing your deepest fantasies with your mate. Love may somehow connect to your career on May 28 as Venus and Jupiter embrace in your professional 10th house. Then, on June 7 you might be certain you've found your soul mate thanks to an enchanting link between Venus and Neptune. Still, love is not without its struggles and one may erupt on June 11 as Venus opposes Pluto, the planet of obsession and control, now in your 5th House of True Love. Remember, your heart needs to trust in order to surrender to the deep, life altering potential love can provide. Are you ready?

Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22)

Ouch! You might start off the spring with a bruise to your heart. On March 27, a tense Full Moon will fall in your sign. Since it'll be emotionally charged, it's possible that you and a loved one will part ways. Remember Libra, you have the unique lesson of learning how to relate while also trying to keep your identity in the process. If you've been giving yourself away too much for the sake of a relationship, then this lunation may bring it to a crashing end. Still, don't lose hope! Venus and Mars will tour your 7th House of Partnership for the early weeks of spring, making it possible for you and your mate to enjoy a heated argument followed by delicious make up sex. March 21-April 14 are your best days to enjoy harmony with a partner -- if you manage to survive the vicious Full Moon.

Whenever Venus graces your partnership sector it will encourage you to make peace with your mate. Unfortunately, Mars will be there to stir the pot as well. From March 12-April 20 there may not be a shortage of argument. The good news is that you can also be sure that there will be plenty of passion to go along with the bickering. In fact, if you and your sweetie pie can take the weekend of April 5-7 to go off on a romantic getaway, the time together may remind you why you fell in love in the first place.

Scorpio (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21)

You and your opposite sign Taurus are leading stars in this Spring Eclipse showdown which means there are likely to be major changes in the landscape of a personal relationship. With Saturn in your sign, you may feel a strong urge to get serious about what you want personally and with a partner. On April 25, a Lunar Eclipse in your sign closely connected to Saturn will be a wakeup call. Is a relationship moving in the direction that you hoped for? Or are you the one pulling all the weight in what is supposed to be a twosome? You'll have your answer under the light of this Full Moon Eclipse.

Fortunately, a new beginning is possible for you and your mate since two weeks later a New Moon Solar Eclipse will fall in your 7th House of Partnership on May 9. It's definitely time to do some spring cleaning in your relationship life and once you honestly examine those cobwebs and dust them away, you may find enormous potential for romantic bliss. With Venus in your 7th house from April 15-May 9 you'll have the perfect amount of cosmic support to believe that in the end, love will prevail.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)

Your heart is on fire this spring! If you're single then you can certainly expect love to come knocking on your door. If you're attached, then expect sparks to fly again between you and your honey. Venus, the planet of love, will be in your 5th House of Romance from March 21-April 15. This is an incredible cycle for pleasure and amore! As if that wasn't good enough, Mars, the planet of desire, will be the same area of your chart from March 12-April 20. If this doesn't wake up your libido, nothing will! The cosmic lovers connected in your house of love and sex is a rare treat indeed so be sure to indulge. March 28 is a day love can arrive in the most unexpected and exciting way thanks to a perfect link between Venus and electrifying Uranus.

Also, mark your calendar for the weekend of April 5-7 when these two planets will tangle up in a passionate embrace. You simply must make the most of this energy. Plan a first date, or a romantic encounter with your lover. It'll be hot, hot, hot! In addition to all of this fiery, passionate energy, a Lunar Eclipse will fall in your sign on May 25. This will bring complete illumination about a vital relationship matter. You'll know whether or not you've been kissing a frog and you'll act accordingly. Fortunately, a gorgeous embrace between Venus and Jupiter on May 28 in your 7th House of Partnership is a positive indicator that in the end, love is all you need!

Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19)

This spring, it seems as if almost every sign has their shot at romance. While you might have felt cheated over the winter in the love department, the season has changed ... and guess what? Love is in the air! You'll notice a major shift once Venus enters your 5th House of Romance on April 15. Until May 9 you'll have plenty of admirers and if you're single, at least one of them may capture your attention. In fact, on April 24 Venus will link up perfectly to Pluto, now in your sign. This could bring a fated love connection your way. You know -- the kind that makes you love drunk and all tingly inside. Yep, it could happen!

You see this spring, when it comes to your usual love mojo, all bets are off. You might usually be slow to give your heart away. However, this spring that tendency might change. Mars will also be in your romance sector from April 20-May 31 which will help speed up any love connection you make while Venus was there. As if that weren't enough to get your heart open, a potent Solar Eclipse will fall in your 5th House of True Love on May 9. Oh yeah ... love is definitely in your spring forecast!

Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)

It seems as if every sign will get a turn at the game of love this spring ... and you are no exception! Your time may arrive later than the other signs but that's ok -- all good things come to those who wait. In your case, love planet Venus will enter your 5th House of Romance on May 9 and will remain there until June 2, giving you plenty of cosmic support if you're single and looking for love.

If you're attached, you and your mate could decide to have a baby and you might even conceive one during the spring months. Not only will Venus adorn the 5th house of your chart, but you'll also be at the tail end of a one year transit of lucky Jupiter touring the same house. In fact, both Venus and Jupiter will embrace in the most blessed of aspects on May 28 so if there was ever a day you can count on winning the jackpot of love, this will be it! Sexy Mars will join the 5th house party on May 31 and will remain here well into Summer which assures you of a once in two year opportunity to enjoy all of the pleasures life has to offer -- whether it's on dance floor or in the bedroom!

Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20)

Are you looking for love? Well this spring you'll begin a fantastic cycle that promises plenty of opportunity for heart felt smooches with someone special. In your case, the main event will begin later than most, however you will not be disappointed once love comes knocking on your door. Mark your calendar for June 3 because this is when the magic begins! Venus, the planet of love and harmony, will enter your 5th House of Romance on this day. First, she'll make a gorgeous trine to Neptune and Saturn on June 7 making this your five star day -- make that weekend -- for love! You might fall under a love spell and if so, you'll feel a deep, emotional and spiritual connection with your prince or princess.

There will be a tense day in love matters on June 11 when Venus opposes Pluto, and it's possible that you'll feel overly obsessed with your lover on this day. Just try not to turn it into a 'Fatal Attraction' moment and you'll be fine! June 12 is another day to watch out for because Venus will rub elbows with Uranus and there might be a sudden break up or a sudden affair that comes your way. Either way, a spring that might be slow to warm up when it comes to romance will end on an extremely sizzling note. Enjoy!

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