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Spring Love Horoscopes 2015

Get ready for a spring renewal to your love life!
Maria DeSimone

The scent of spring is in the air, everywhere you turn. The Sun is warming your spirit, and the sights are becoming bright and colorful again after a long, cold winter. Spring is the ultimate mood-lifting season, and our spirit is renewed for romance and pleasure along with it.

Are you ready to fall in love, have some fun, and make the most of special moments with your sweetheart? Perhaps you're ready for a bit of spring cleaning in the relationship department.

Either way, be sure to read your zodiac sign's spring love forecast to reveal your romantic potential for the season ahead. Walk on sunshine -- it's time to feel good!

Look up your sign below to see what's in store for you this spring. You can also get your personal Big Picture Love Forecast to look at your love life for the entire year ahead!

Aries Love Horoscope (March 21 - April 19)

If you're in a relationship, spring might not start off on the easiest note. A testy Lunar Eclipse on April 4 will bring things between you and your mate to a climax. Don't be fooled -- this doesn't necessarily mean a happy ending. In fact, if you and your partner have been struggling, this Lunar Eclipse could be a breaking point. Still, if you're in love and determined to work through anything together, this eclipse will test your mettle as a couple, and allow you both to see what you're really made of. In the end, it just might be something more substantial than you ever thought possible.

If you're single, romantic potential really gets interesting after June 5. You'll have an extraordinary boost when love planet Venus enters your true love sector for an extended stay throughout the rest of the spring and all summer long! There is the possibility of a few nibbles after April 8, when Jupiter turns direct in the same area of your chart. Jupiter will remain in your 5th House of Romance and Pleasure until August 11, but once Venus joins the party it seems impossible for you to not find the love of your life. Although patience is difficult for you, Aries, this one will be worth the wait. You'll see.

Taurus Love Horoscope (April 20 - May 20)

Spring is your season, Taurus. After all, your birthday is coming up soon. What a fantastic gift it would be to know that the universe has grand plans for your love life. Well, guess what? Surprise! That's exactly what you can anticipate this spring.

It all started on March 17, a few days before spring sprung. Venus, your ruling planet of love and harmony, entered your sign, where she'll remain until April 11. During this time you are the "belle of the ball" in so many ways. Your confidence will receive a welcome boost as your physical allure and magnetism slide off the charts. March 24 and March 30 are days to circle for incredible romantic potential, because Venus will harmonize with Neptune and then Pluto on these days. Love has dreamy and transforming properties, so be sure to spend those days with someone special.

Things get even sexier on March 31, when Mars enters your sign. Mars will move through Taurus until May 11, giving you all the stamina you need to persevere towards achieving whatever it is you desire most. If that desire happens to be a new relationship, you'll have every opportunity to get what you want. Mars in your sign will bring the sexy back into your life. Whether you're single or attached, lusty desires will be met. You'll stop at nothing to satisfy your cravings.

Gemini Love Horoscope (May 21 - June 20)

There's SO much to look forward to this spring, and romance will be near the top of the list! If you're carrying any dead relationship weight, you'll discard it quickly near the messy April 4 Lunar Eclipse. This eclipse falls in your 5th House of True Love, and it'll be a "do or die" type of energy. If you know you're dating Mr. or Ms. Wrong, you'll be ready to cut ties so that you're free to find someone more fitting. If, however, you and your lover are deeply connected, this eclipse might bring a test that ultimately brings you closer than ever. Stay tuned…

From April 11 to May 7, love planet Venus will move through your sign, helping you to shine in every way possible. You'll look, feel and act in ways that promote harmony, good vibes and pleasure. If you are single, this will be an ideal time to socialize more because your "hot" button will be on fire now. Others will be drawn to you like a moth to a flame -- especially near April 22 and April 26, when Venus makes friendly aspects to Jupiter and Uranus, respectively. The key to your success in romance on these days will be communication and socialization. You've got this!

If you're in a relationship, you'll want to handle April 14 with care, because Venus will oppose Saturn, the planet of restriction and limitation, on this day. Saturn is moving through your relationship sector already, presenting trials and tribulations to an existing relationship. Remember, this is only to see what the two of you are really made of. If you love each other, you'll get through it. Together.

Mars enters your sign on May 11, amping up your sex appeal even more throughout the rest of the spring. The only rub in all of your amazing romantic energy is that from May 18 until June 11, Mercury Retrograde occurs in your sign. Conversations will be tricky. Handle with care.

Cancer Love Horoscope (June 21 - July 22)

You'll have plenty of social opportunities to help support a romantic connection early this spring. If you're single, be sure to take advantage of them throughout April 11. In particular, pay attention to romantic developments near March 24 and March 30. On March 24, you may feel as if you have truly met a kindred spirit. On March 30, things might develop quickly, and you and this special someone might decide to date exclusively.

If you're already in a relationship, expect to feel as if you've hit the jackpot in love on March 30. As you pursue one of your most heartfelt dreams on this day, you'll feel extremely supported by your mate. He or she will be by your side through it all, like a personal cheerleader.

From April 11 until May 7, you might decide that love is a more private matter. The urge to connect with your mate away from all of the chaos of life will likely be strong. This will be a wonderful time to consider taking a couple's retreat to a calming, nurturing destination.

You'll be the "fairest of them all" from May 7 until June 5, while Venus makes her annual tour through your sign. The planet of love and beauty will boost your magnetism and confidence, so it'll be a great time to put yourself out there if you're still looking for love. May 16 is a "soul mate alert" day, thanks to Venus making a perfect trine to mystical Neptune. Trust your intuition when it comes to matters of the heart. You won't be disappointed.

Leo Love Horoscope (July 23 - Aug. 22)

After April 8, you'll definitely feel as if you've got your groove on again. That's when lucky Jupiter, now in your sign, will turn direct after having been retrograde for the last few months. This is like all of your best lucky break energy coming out of hibernation at once. Fortunately, it'll also have a boost on your love life.

You'll feel a surge of optimism this spring that will be difficult for anyone to ignore. In fact, your positive spirit will be so contagious that you'll find it to be a veritable magnet for attracting romantic potential your way. Things get even sweeter after April 11, when love planet Venus enters the most social part of your chart -- the 11th house. Until May 7, you'll enjoy plenty of parties and other fun events with friends that can enhance your opportunity to meet and mingle with potential new love interests. This will also be a great time to consider Internet dating, or to entertain turning a friendship into something more substantial. Time things as close to April 22 for the best results!

One day to be wary of is April 14, when Venus and Saturn oppose one another. If you're dating someone, it's possible that a friend or child will put a wrinkle in your amorous plans. Take it in stride.
Venus enters your sign on June 5, and she'll remain there for an unusually long stretch of time -- throughout early fall! With Venus and Jupiter in Leo through August 11, you are certainly in a strong position to live life to the fullest and love with everything you've got!

Virgo Love Horoscope (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)

You and your sweetheart might have finalized plans to take a dream vacation together right on the cusp of spring. If so, it appears you'll both be enchanted with the locale, as well as each other. March 24 and March 30 will be days to remember. Enjoy the romantic moments far away from home!

Even if you're not traveling, you and your love will find that early spring brings plenty of romantic opportunity -- particularly on those dates. You might feel especially connected on a spiritual level, and if you have been in the early stages of dating, you may be ready to go exclusive.

The one area that might trouble you and your love are joint finances. If you are getting serious about someone but haven't fully integrated him or her into your life, try not to rush things financially until later in April. The final Uranus-Pluto square, which occurred in March, will be activated at the tense Lunar Eclipse in relationship-oriented Libra on April 4. In your case it appears you and your lover may have a major brawl over a decision about money that affects you both. Keep calm and carry on!

May 16 will be another dreamy day for romance. Your partner will be extra supportive of your dreams, and you can expect to dance the night away at a romantic social event. Steer clear of power struggles on May 21 if you are newly dating someone. This won't be an ideal time to introduce a new love to friends or children, if you have any. Wait it out.

Libra Love Horoscope (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22)

You may not know exactly where your love life is heading this spring, but you are certain of one fact: Something's gotta give. A tense Lunar Eclipse in your sign on April 4 will guarantee a shift. If you're in a relationship, early April may turn into a "do or die" month for your relationship. There might be plenty of love between you and your mate -- no one will dispute that. The problem, however, is that you're likely both wrapped up in such a complicated situation that you realize love is simply not enough. With patience and commitment your relationship can prevail, but at this point you might not want that. In the end, only you can decide what's right for your heart.

If you're single, there will be no shortage of opportunity to meet someone new and exciting this spring. Between April 11 and May 7, you might meet someone who has a background quite different than your own. He or she may be from another part of the world, or they may hold a unique religious or philosophical perspective. You'll be captivated! April 22 and April 26 are especially fortunate for love. You and your partner will expand your horizons, all in direct proportion to your willingness to open your heart. Are you ready?

Scorpio Love Horoscope (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21)

If you're in a relationship, spring begins on a definite high note. Love planet Venus entered your partnership sector on March 17, and she remains here until April 11. With the planet of harmony in your 7th House of Commitment, it's easy to see that you and your mate will be enjoying plenty of positive vibes. March 24 will be your most romantic date night, so be sure to make it unforgettable. March 30 is another five-star day -- this time for a conversation between you and your partner that cements your relationship in a profoundly gratifying way.

On March 31, sexy Mars enters your 7th House of Partnership, adding a bit of steam to your love life. Until May 11, you might be tempted to stir the pot more in relationship matters, but you'll also be motivated to work through anything together.

Joint finances are also on an upswing this spring. You may hear news that your partner receives a raise between April 11 and May 7. Or, the two of you might decide to pool your resources together in order to make a major purchase that will bring both of you great pleasure.

Single? March 24 and May 16 are ultra-romantic dates that support meeting someone who stirs your soul. Don't waste them!

Sagittarius Love Horoscope (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)

This spring, there will certainly be plenty of bright spots to look forward to if you're in a relationship. At the same time, you and your sweetheart will need to navigate through communication mishaps. Don't worry -- you can do it!

It all begins on April 11, when love planet Venus enters your 7th House of Relationships, remaining there until May 7. This once-in-a-year tour of Venus through your partnership sector assures that you and your mate will enjoy an extra special phase of harmony. Overall, this will help fortify your relationship and weather any storm that might come your way.

As for those storms? There might be two. One on April 14, when Saturn opposes Venus, and another on April 19, when Venus squares off with Neptune. You might have a sober reality check about the responsibility of partnership on April 14. If one of you isn't carrying a fair amount of weight, that will need to be addressed. Then, on April 19, there might be some disappointment if you've put your love on a pedestal. A family member might not agree.

Adding to the mix is Mercury Retrograde in your partnership sector from May 18 until June 11. Handle with care.

Still, love can conquer all. On April 22, Venus and Jupiter link up to assure you and your mate that anything is possible with enough respect and affection. Single? Your best day for love potential is April 26, when Venus makes a friendly link to Uranus, supporting a sudden romantic connection. June 6 is another day to look forward to. Sparks will fly!

Capricorn Love Horoscope (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19)

This spring you'll have so much love potential you won't want to waste a minute! Venus will be moving through your romance sector as spring begins, and she will remain there until April 11. If you're single, it's quite possible someone special is about to turn up. Look to March 24 for an enchanting conversation with a love prospect that takes you to new heights. Then, on March 30, there's a strong indication you'll feel steady and secure pursuing something substantial in the love department. You won't be disappointed!

On March 31, and until May 11, sexy Mars will also tour your 5th House of Love and Pleasure. This is a once-in-two-years event, and when it occurs you can anticipate prioritizing fun and romance. You are definitely in for a phase of enhanced libido, and opportunities to give and receive pleasure. Yes!

If you're in a relationship, you're also in luck. On May 7, and until June 5, Venus will tour your partnership sector. You might become engaged, move in together, or even marry under this influence. The power of love may be tested near May 21 and again on May 25. Don't worry, as long as you're able to roll with the punches you'll pass with flying colors.

Aquarius Love Horoscope (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)

Romance could be tricky for you this spring, Aquarius. Take heart, it doesn't mean your love life is about to go down the drain. Choose to see it in a different light. This spring, there will be a significant opportunity for you to "get it right" in matters of the heart.

There's actually amazing potential between April 11 and May 7, when love planet Venus tours your 5th House of True Love. If single, this is an amazing time to meet someone new and fall head over heels. You might also decide to date more than one person during this time in order to see what's really out there. There's nothing wrong with that approach, but if you do go that route, be honest with whomever you're dating.

Between May 18 and June 11, Mercury Retrograde occurs in the same area of your chart, setting the stage for potential mishaps in communication with lovers. You might find yourself alone if you can't manage to clarify what you're feeling.

Attached? Romance is on fire for you after June 5, when love planet Venus joins Jupiter in your 7th House of Relationships. Commitment pays off on June 6. You'll feel extra secure.

Pisces Love Horoscope (Feb. 19 - March 20)

There's no shortage of romantic opportunity for you this spring! If you're in a committed relationship and you share resources with your mate, you might begin the season working on ways to get yourself out of a financial pickle. The tense Lunar Eclipse on April 4 does suggest tricky finances if you're part of a couple. Don't worry, though -- it won't define your entire spring. In fact, your domestic bliss will improve radically between April 11 and May 7. You and your sweetheart will enjoy all of the comforts of home together.

If you're single and looking for love, you're also in luck! From May 7 until June 5, amorous Venus will move through your true love sector. This set-up alone improves your prospects to meet someone special dramatically. Circle May 16 on your calendar for off-the-charts fairytale romance, thanks to Venus making a perfect link to Neptune. One day to watch out for is May 21. Keep your lover or love interest away from your pals. They won't mix. If you're still single into June, it's quite possible that you and a coworker will decide to explore that mutual chemistry. Expect developments on June 6.

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