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2015 Summer Love Horoscopes

Learning lessons in love
Maria DeSimone

This summer starts off with a heavy dose of passionate sunshine but just when you think you're home free things may start to take a turn. Venus, the planet of love and relationships, is due for her retrograde phase and it'll take place between July 25 and September 6. As a result, for most of the summer it'll be more about learning lessons in love than enjoying hot and heavy endless summer nights.

Try not to see this as a total downer though. In fact, there will be a golden opportunity to take stock of where you are along your personal romantic journey and appreciate it in a whole new light. Try not to focus exclusively on how far you have yet to travel, but also acknowledge how far you've come. And with Venus retrograde in Leo remember the ultimate lesson she is trying to teach all of us: self-love. Read more about what this summer has in store for your love potential by checking out your sign's forecast!

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Aries Horoscope (March 21 - April 19)

You, more than any other sign, will likely look back at this summer and realize pivotal developments occurred in your love life -- the kind that changes the landscape of it forever. Everything looks as happy as can be as the summer kicks off. Both Venus and Jupiter -- the two benefic planets -- will move together through your 5th House of True Love and Pleasure. Jupiter leaves on August 11 but Venus will hang around for quite some time. Pay attention to events near June 29 when Venus connects perfectly to Uranus, now in your sign. A happy, unexpected development in love can take you to new heights.

Things begin to turn on June 14 however when Venus squares off with Saturn. Perhaps you're struggling in a romantic relationship that you prefer to keep lighthearted and fun, while your lover wants something deeper. Suddenly the party appears to be over and the two of you will need to figure out if this is a summer fling or something more substantial.

No matter what's happening in your love life, you'll have plenty of time to figure things out once Venus moves retrograde back into your 5th house on July 31. Until September 6, you will be forced to re-assess your love life situation as well as your capacity to give love to someone. If opening your heart has been difficult this retrograde, it will hurt just enough to challenge you to overcome what is holding you back the most in the love department. Ready or not, here it comes. Are you strong enough to love with all you've got? The Universe thinks so. Mars will be moving into Leo and your 5th house between August 8 and September 24, giving you the heart of a warrior.

Taurus Horoscope (April 20 - May 20)

On July 18, love planet Venus will be making a short appearance in your true love sector. You might be convinced a grand romance is about to get off the ground but the truth is, there's not enough steam to get anything moving in the direction you'd like. The problem is that Venus will enter your romance sector and immediately begin slowing down, preparing to turn retrograde on July 25. Although it seems as if you have some type of action potential in the romance department, you may quickly realize that your attention needs to remain focused on a domestic situation. A relative might need your support as he or she struggles to resolve a problem that you thought was resolved. This situation will likely take up so much energy that until Venus turns direct on September 6, matters of the heart will not be a priority at all.

Don't worry about your summer turning into a major dud as far as romance goes. See this instead as a vital cycle you need to go through to fix a major family situation once and for all so that after September 6, you can once again focus on your love life. The opportunity won't be lost -- and you'll see this for yourself after September 13 when a gorgeous Solar Eclipse lights up your true love sector. By then, lucky Jupiter will also be in the same part of your chart (he enters your 5th house on August 11 and you just might experience the greatest love of your life!

Gemini Horoscope (May 21 - June 20)

This summer will have some bright spots as well as potentially cloudy weather when it comes to romance. The good news is that from the start of the summer until July 18, Venus will move direct in your 3rd House of Communication. You'll have a gorgeous opportunity to get to know someone special through stimulating conversations that last until the wee hours of the morning.

The problem is that Venus, which rules your true love sector, will turn retrograde on July 25 and will not turn direct until September 6. This is like throwing a wet blanket over the flames of fire that any summer romance has to offer. You might have trouble making up your mind when it comes to any important decision you and your partner must make together. If you're talking about deepening the relationship or making any kind of commitment on paper, this will be a time of heavy revisions and second guessing. Do your best not to make final decisions on anything that involves you and your sweetie signing contracts together.

Then, from September 17 until early fall, Mercury will turn retrograde right in your true love sector. You might end up communicating with an ex and wondering whether or not the two of you should give things a second chance. This will also make it difficult for you and your partner to agree on a vital decision that involves one of your children if you have any together. Perhaps the best course of action for you this summer is to go with the flow. When it comes to love, take things as they are and live in the moment. But don't ignore the lessons.

Cancer Horoscope (June 21 - July 22)

For the better part of the summer you'll feel sexier than ever! On June 24 until August 8, Mars, the planet of assertive energy and the planet ruling libido, will move through your sign. This is a once in two year event, so don't waste its amazing potential. For starters, anything you initiate during this time will likely succeed since you'll have unparalleled stamina and confidence. Your sexual energy will be high and it's likely that you'll put out vibes to someone you're attracted to without even realizing it. The good news is that it'll be almost impossible to resist you during this time. So if there's someone you have your eye on go ahead and make that first move!

There are two "ouch" days when it comes to love that you'll want to make note of. This will be especially difficult if you're single or newly dating someone. On July 14 and again on August 4, Venus will square off with Saturn. Loneliness or disappointment in matters of the heart are possible.

If you're in a committed relationship, pay attention to events that happen near the Full Moon on July 1. It'll fall in your partnership sector and things between you and your mate are likely to be extra emotionally charged. If you and your love are at a breaking point as a couple this might be a time you decide to spend time apart in order to think things through. Or, you may end the relationship altogether. Either way, this Full Moon signals a vital turning point between you and your partner.

Fortunately, a New Moon in your sign on July 15 will help infuse you with even more optimism for a brighter tomorrow. If you and your partner have decided to stick it out, this lunation will help clean the slate and allow you to begin anew in life and love. Yes!

Leo Horoscope (July 23 - Aug. 22)

Make the most of early summer Leo because the Universe has a major lesson in store for you when it comes to matters of the heart. But first, the good news. Until July 18, love planet Venus will continue moving direct in your sign making you the "fairest of them all." Your magnetism will be irresistible and you may also decide that it's time to spruce up your appearance. Go ahead -- use this time to strut your stuff and get noticed!

Once July 31 hits, everything takes on a different tone. Venus will have gone retrograde and on this day she'll backpedal into your sign again, where she will remain in retrograde motion until September 6. During this time, you might second guess everything you thought you knew as it relates to partnership and romantic matters. You might have a major lesson that involves learning more about what you have to offer a person in a relationship that isn't so much on the outside but rather, within.

If you're trying to buy love, that tactic will likely blow up in your face now, leaving you struggling with feelings of worthlessness. You're meant to learn that you are good enough to love and be loved without all of the fanfare, bells and whistles. This may not be an easy lesson but if you're able to work through it you might find on the other side an opportunity for true, meaningful love. Mars enters your sign on August 8 and remains there until September 24, giving you the courage to pursue love in a way you might have been too afraid to in the past.

Virgo Horoscope (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22)

Are you struggling with a romantic relationship that, for one reason or another, you feel must be kept under wraps? If you're involved in a secret affair or, if you're pining away for someone you know you can't truly be with, then this summer has a few lessons in store. On July 25, love planet Venus turns retrograde in your sign and on July 31, she'll slide back into Leo and your 12th House of "All That's Hidden." Until September 6, you might have a bit of soul searching to do connected to a romantic relationship that's either unhealthy to be in or more of a fantasy than reality. If you're caught up in a situation like this, it's time to ask yourself why you think it's good enough for you. Don't you deserve a relationship that has substance? A relationship that you can shout out to the world you're actually in?

Perhaps there's a deeper issue at work that you'll need to muddle through. Maybe, your fear of love and of being hurt in love is so overwhelming that you put yourself in a position where you are always loving someone from a safe enough distance, thinking you're protecting your heart. You're only fooling yourself if you think that's the case and this summer, you'll need to face these issues head on. The good news is that a Solar Eclipse in Virgo on September 13 will be your personal fresh start in all areas -- including relationships.

Libra Horoscope (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22)

The summer will kick off with plenty of thrilling potential for romance and pleasure! Social opportunities will be abundant. If you're single, you'll have an excellent chance to meet someone special at a party, or other fun event. Pay attention to June 29 for sparks to fly if you're in a relationship. On that day, love planet Venus will be at a gorgeous angle to the electrifying Uranus. Make the most of this stimulating aspect and dare to do something with your partner that takes both of you out of your comfort zone.

Until July 18, you'll enjoy opportunities to make a romantic connection with someone through your social life. Pay close attention to developments on July 1, when Venus and Jupiter embrace. A friend may offer to set you up with someone and it's also possible that you'll entertain the prospect of going from friends to lovers with a close pal. If you do make a move in this direction however, expect some re-adjustments between July 31 and September 6 when Venus moves retrograde through your friendship sector. Another possibility, is that one of your friends will meddle with your love life so much that it threatens to damage it. If a situation like this arises you might end up breaking up with your friend.

Mercury will also retrograde in your sign as the summer draws to a close. After September 17, be especially careful how you communicate to your partner. Messages can easily be misconstrued.

Scorpio Horoscope (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21)

With Saturn moving through the final degrees of your sign until September 17, getting things right in the relationship department has a certain sense of urgency. You know that time is running out and if things have been rocky between you and your partner, something must change this summer or else the relationship may no longer be salvageable. A specific problem that you might have with your mate, is feeling a lack of support as you pursue a professional goal or re-evaluate your career prospects entirely. He or she might not be doing much to boost your ego during a time when it may be quite fragile. Insecurities about your future career path might prompt you to put up higher walls -- walls that only frustrate your partner even more. Decisions need to happen near July 14 and again on August 5 when Venus squares off with Saturn. You might be in a position where you have to deal with something professionally out of financial necessity. Resentment in your relationship may continue to build throughout the summer if you aren't able to take a step back and untangle the knot that somehow complicated your love life.

If single, a Full Moon on August 29 might bring feelings for someone special to a new level of awareness. It's possible that a romance could blossom once you acknowledge your spiritual connection with this person.

Sagittarius Horoscope (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)

From June 24 until August 8 you may feel a strong urge to go deeper in your relationship -- both physically and psychologically. You and your partner might have a great connection but intimacy is a delicate process that continues to unfold over time. This summer, it's likely that you will make it a priority to go where you have not dared go before. This might also have to do with a drive to explore a more taboo or erotic side of your sexuality with your partner. If you've feared doing this in the past, thinking it would scare off your mate, now you may change your mind. One thing is certain -- your sex life will have a significant opportunity for enrichment!

Pay attention to romantic opportunity on June 29 and again on August 19. If single, it's possible that someone who is not your usual type will completely enthrall you. Also, on July 1, a delicious love connection is possible as you embark on a new adventure that will expand your horizons. If you miss the boat on July 1, you'll have another opportunity on August 4. After September 17, don't bother talking to your friends about your love life. They might only offer unwanted, confusing advice.

Capricorn Horoscope (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19)

If you're married or in a committed relationship, things are about to heat up this summer! On June 24 and until August 8, Mars will move through your partnership sector. This event only happens once every two years and during this time you'll be motivated to spice things up in your love life. There's a good chance that you'll stir the pot more and initiate arguments. It's also possible that you'll come across as more selfish during this time which may infuriate your partner. Still, the good news is that if there's anything you and your partner need to work through it will not be swept under the rug. And the makeup sex? Off the charts! A New Moon in the same part of your chart on July 15 will stimulate a fresh start in your relationship. Or, if you're dating someone, it's possible you'll decide to make it exclusive.

On July 8, you'll have a rare and incredible capacity to be on the same page spiritually, intellectually and physically with your mate. Don't waste it! Pay close attention to Venus as she retrogrades through your 8th House of Joint Finances between July 31 and September 6. It's possible that you and your partner will have to re-evaluate money matters that have to do with sharing resources, debt or investments. Don't make new investments together during this time and if you're newly dating someone wait until this phase is over before you make the decision to move in together or start sharing bills.

Aquarius Horoscope (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)

It's time to seriously re-evaluate where you are in your marriage or committed relationship and to patch up any holes there might be in your union. Also, if you're dating someone you might have second thoughts (or cold feet) about whether or not you should commit. Love planet Venus will turn retrograde on July 25 and between July 31 and September 6, she'll move retrograde in your 7th House of Partnership. This is a significant opportunity to figure out whether or not you're going through the motions in a relationship or if you're truly connected with your mate on a heart level.

It's possible that you'll experience a test during this time that leaves you wondering just how strong your bond is. The thing to remember, is that if the two of you truly have love and mutual respect for one another you will not only get through this time, but you will come out of it stronger than ever. Remember, you'll also have Jupiter continuing to help ameliorate any potential difficulties in this area of your life -- and that is true until August 11. Use this to your advantage. You'll have both of the lucky planets in the zodiac supporting your relationship potential! Even if Venus is retrograde it doesn't have to symbolize trouble. It may actually symbolize the resolution of a situation that the two of you didn't know how to fix in the past. August 14 is a gorgeous new beginning for you in your relationship. Also, be sure to take advantage of Venus and Jupiter embracing in your partnership sector on July 1 and again on August 4. Love can and will conquer all!

Pisces Horoscope (Feb. 19 - March 20)

This will most certainly be an eventful summer for you when it comes to love and relationships. First, whether you're single or attached, get ready for passion! Mars, the planet of assertiveness, will enter your 5th House of Romance and Pleasure on June 24. He remains there until August 8 and during this time your number one priority will be having FUN! Your sex life will become much more eventful. If you're partnered up, expect to have much more fun in bed. If single, there will be no shortage of opportunity to "get your groove back." A New Moon in your true love sector on July 15 might bring someone special into your life if you are currently unattached. Make the most of social opportunities!

The major headline news for you however, will happen on August 11. That's when Jupiter, the planet of gifts and blessings, will enter your 7th House of Partnership for the first time in twelve years! For the next year, you will enjoy a special dose of protection and happiness potential in your relationship. If things are already going well between you and your partner you can expect them to get even better. You might decide to move in with someone, get engaged or even marry under this influence. If, however, you're not in a good place in your relationship, this transit won't heal what is already broken. On a positive note, if a relationship ends during this time it will most likely end peacefully. Pay attention to the Solar Eclipse in your 7th house on September 13. A whole new world might open up for you in your relationship. Wow!

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