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Aquarius Career Horoscope: March 2013

Strike for gold

Finances are a key issue this month, which opens with four planets in your 2nd House of Income. The life-giving Sun, charming Venus, aggressive Mars and brainy Mercury are all in Pisces to inspire dreams of greater resources. Your imagination is a powerful asset for recognizing economic opportunities. In fact, investing in activities that tap into your creativity might not seem like serious career moves, yet getting those juices flowing in any way can pay dividends down the road. Let your intuition, rather than your intellect, guide your choices.

Mental Mercury is running in reverse until the 11th, which might be good for clearing up old misunderstandings but not ideal for launching new projects. But pioneering Mars shifts into audacious Aries on the 11th, followed there by the Sun and Venus on March 20 and 21. These planets will be in your 3rd House of Communication where making new contacts and studying new subjects are favored. Try to be patient with people who aren't as quick to pick up on concepts as you are. Impatience can spur conflicts that aren't helpful to your ambitions. On the other hand, you might feel like some people are being verbally aggressive with you. Standing up for yourself without losing your cool can earn you major points. It's fine to disagree as long as you can do it without being disagreeable.

Mars joins your revolutionary ruling planet Uranus on March 22 and the Sun and Venus will do the same on the 28th. These are electrifying days that can be marked by genius or marred by impulsive and uncooperative behavior.

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