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Aquarius Love Horoscope: March 2013

New, bold experiences

A little pampering can do you some good this month. But don't rely on someone else to treat you in the best possible way. While you're not a candidate for abuse, giving yourself great treatment is how you can contribute to your happiness. The willful Sun is in gentle Pisces and your 2nd House of Self-Worth until March 20. This is why investing in activities and objects that make you feel good about yourself are recommended now. In fact, mental Mercury is in this part of your chart all month, encouraging imaginative thinking.

Attractive Venus is also in your 2nd House until the 21st, which is why rewarding yourself with sweet things, whether you think you deserve them or not, is wise. Active Mars is also in Pisces until March 11, signaling the benefit of doing what pleases you with less attention on fulfilling obligations and meeting the expectations of others. No, this isn't about becoming selfish; it's about ensuring that you're well taken care of, even coddled and babied to remind you of how precious you really are.

Your electrifying ruling planet Uranus is triggered three times later this month to provoke bold and experimental behavior. Mars conjuncts Uranus on March 22, which often spurs a rebellious and independent attitude.

While trying unfamiliar experiences and breaking out of limiting situations are desirable expressions of this transit, impetuous and uncooperative behavior are its down sides. Yet the Sun and Venus join Uranus on the 28th, which can electrify your personal life with an exciting new person or event.

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