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Aries Love Horoscope: March 2013

Get ready to charge up

Catering to the needs of others is a good policy for the first part of March. Four planets -- the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars -- are in supersensitive Pisces and your 12th House of Privacy when the month begins. You may be feeling more vulnerable than usual and less inclined to push your social agenda. But even if you're ready and willing to engage, partners and potential partners may be reluctant to play. A gentle approach is recommended if you want to avoid rubbing someone the wrong way.

The mood begins to shift when your passionate ruling planet Mars fires into Aries on March 11. This gets your wheels spinning faster as your desire for action and readiness to make bold moves increases. However, you won't get the full blast of wind in your sails until March 20 and 21 when the Sun and Venus also enter Aries. Now you are ready to rock!

The Sun in your sign kicks up self-confidence and creativity while amorous Venus' presence increases your appeal. A new look and fresh experiences pick up your spirits and make you more desirable to others. Your threshold of boredom is low, however, making it difficult to be patient or enjoy predictable situations. If your energy is really high, others will have difficulty keeping up with you.

There are some strong trigger points when you can be especially impulsive. They are March 22 and 28 when Mars, the Sun and Venus join revolutionary Uranus, which is great for being spontaneous with some risk of recklessness.

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