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Cancer Career Horoscope: March 2013

Higher and higher

Lift your eyes up from your daily tasks and you may find inspiration and opportunities beyond your usual environment. Four planets are in your 9th House of Faraway Places and Higher Education when the month begins. The life-giving Sun, clever Mercury, artistic Venus and pioneering Mars are there to inspire you to reach out and connect with people in distant locations. This can benefit your current working situation or provide encouragement for taking on a major project and expanding your professional interests.

Additional education could be the key to making a visionary dream come true. Of course, another version of this story is wanderlust, so much so that you're imagining yourself in a hammock on a tropical island instead of taking care of business. Whether you have the time or money for that kind of experience, a working trip is possible. But the essential issue is for you to find inspiration that's needed to maximize your professional potential (or simply to keep dealing with your usual work routine).

Expanding your mind is not simply about practical learning but broadening your vision of life. Spiritual and religious activities can also serve this purpose. Be ready to pick up the pace when active Mars blasts into your 10th House of Career on the 11th, followed by the Sun and Venus on March 20 and 21. These are great transits for lighting a fire at work. New projects can and should be exciting. But if you're stuck in a professional rut, these signal the need to take chances and either start your own business or seek employment in a totally different field.

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