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Capricorn Horoscope: March 2013

Dress for Success

You're poised to make great progress this month as you strive to establish yourself professionally. Your ruling planet, Saturn -- now moving through your 11th House of Long-Term Goals -- forms a series of beneficial aspects throughout the month, supplying you with a deep reserve of energy, the willingness to work hard and the patience to wait for what you want.

On March 8, Saturn's supportive sextile to unrelenting Pluto in your 1st House of Personality puts everyone on notice that you are on the move; they should either lend their support or get out of your way. This long-lasting Saturn-Pluto alignment first occurred on December 26, 2012, and returns on September 21, giving you ample time to develop current projects so you can bring them to their next stage of implementation later this year.

However, you don't need to wait to make the most of exciting opportunities, because the intuitive Pisces Sun in your 3rd House of Communication harmoniously aspects Pluto and Saturn on March 1. Charming Venus follows suit on March 6, enabling you to convince others that collaborating with you will be beneficial for all involved.

Unfortunately, things may not unfold as fast as you wish, because interactive Mercury is retrograde until March 17. But even the backward-moving messenger planet can contribute to your prosperity as it, too, positively aligns with Saturn and Pluto on March 7. You can improve your productivity by reviewing your plans and making necessary corrections. If a discouraging Jupiter-Saturn quincunx on March 23 blocks your progress, be flexible. This quickly sets you back on track so you can take advantage of Mercury's positive aspects with stabilizing Saturn on March 28 and perceptive Pluto on March 29.

Keep in Mind this Month

The climb to the top of the mountain is long, yet the best way to ensure that you reach your destination is by initiating strategic action right now.

Key Dates for Capricorn

March 1-4: In the Zone

The Sun's smooth connections with powerful Pluto and dependable Saturn on March 1 galvanize your desire to achieve more by showcasing your organizational abilities and productivity. When you persevere with prudence and consistency, you'll be recognized for your hard work. Your determination to succeed is fueled by courageous Mars' creative quintile to Pluto in your 1st House of Personality on March 3. However, voracious Venus squares opulent Jupiter on March 4, accentuating wasteful behavior and encouraging pleasurable activities. Be extra mindful of overindulgent behavior, especially in matters of the heart.


March 25-30: Trial and Error

Stop and regroup on March 25, when an unpleasant Mars-Saturn quincunx tests the validity of your newly revised goals. Although your confidence isn't likely to fade as enthusiastic Mars sextiles cheerful Jupiter on March 26, quincunxes to unyielding Saturn from Venus and the Sun on March 30 have you reconsidering your decisions. Domestic issues can interfere with your work, especially as Mars in your 4th House of Family squares controlling Pluto on March 26. The people-pleasing Libra Full Moon on March 27 illuminates your 10th House of Career, exacerbating the tension between home and work. This is a highly volatile time, so consciously choose love over fear and avoid unnecessary ego battles.

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