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Leo Horoscope: March 2013

Slow Start, Fast Finish

The month rolls out tenderly as the gentle Pisces Sun swims through your 8th House of Intimacy until March 20. You could take a major step forward in a relationship with the Pisces New Moon in the 8th House of Intimacy and conjunct to romantic Venus on March 11. The love planet's presence at this lunation sprinkles magic fairy dust on your partnerships, making even less-than-satisfying connections seem wonderful. Tempering your urge to merge with a strong dose of common sense can help turn magic into reality or keep you from overestimating others.

On March 12, however, the heat of anticipation starts to burn away dependency as irrepressible Mars enters headstrong Aries and readies you to take action on your own. This energizing transit occurs in your 9th House of Faraway Places and Higher Mind, stimulating desires for traveling, learning and connecting with people from different cultures.

Your desire for adventure is stoked even higher when the Sun and Venus enter dashing Aries and your 9th House of Faraway Places on March 20-21. Moving too fast looks risky on March 25 and March 25, though, as permissive Jupiter and Mars form misaligned quincunxes with wary Saturn. If you shoot from the hip, you're likely to meet resistance or run off course, so plan your moves carefully and be ready to make minor corrections as you go.

The accommodating Libra Full Moon on March 27 falls in your 3rd House of Communication, spurring bright ideas when you slow down long enough to listen to others. Expect intense negotiations with demanding Pluto's square to the Moon, and count on surprises -- some of them pleasant -- with Uranus, Venus, and Mars opposite it.

Keep in Mind this Month

Avoid promising too much to others as these commitments can become burdensome when your need for freedom grows as the month marches on.

Key Dates for Leo

March 4-7: Second Time Around

Make a careful review of your relationships on March 4, when Mercury Retrograde backs over the Sun in your 8th House of Deep Sharing. This is not a time to initiate new partnerships or business deals, but it might be useful for making adjustments to an existing agreement. It's best to set priorities and focus on one subject at a time rather than letting conversations ramble as data-oriented Mercury moves toward a constructive trine with serious Saturn in Scorpio on the 7th.


March 20-22: Break On Through

Expect rockets of enthusiasm to fire at the Spring Equinox when the Sun shifts into Aries and your visionary 9th House of Faraway Places on March 20, followed by sassy Venus' entry into this opinionated house on March 21. Your hunger for fresh experiences can motivate you to take chances, yet it's appropriate to experiment with new activities and let go of those that don't work. In fact, an electrifying Mars-Uranus conjunction in excitable Aries on March 22 could find you twitching with anticipation and restless for change. However, if you behave impulsively you can upset others and spur an unnecessary conflict. Innovation doesn't have to be disruptive, especially when your methods are as original as your ideas.

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