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Leo Love Horoscope: March 2013

Roar wisely

You might be walking on eggshells when March begins with four planets in hypersensitive Pisces and your 8th House of Intimacy. This could be great for attracting an emotionally responsive partner. It does require, though, that you are very attentive to his or her needs since careless words and actions can quickly cool off the passion that you desire. Being more responsive and generous to your current or a potential partner goes a long way to overcoming differences of values and expectations. Paying attention to another's desires is what will get you closer to the object of your affection.

Favorable aspects between the Sun, your sign's ruler, and solid Saturn and Pluto give you a sense of self-control on March 1. Use your strength in a quiet and low-key way so that others don't perceive you as a bully.

There's a renewal of sorts with the Pisces New Moon on the 11th. Its presence in your 8th House can inspire you to expect more from relationships as you realize that control and a solid plan aren't necessary for success. Trust in the unknown by letting down your guard, cutting back on criticism and recognize that joy sometimes comes from letting go instead of running the show.

This magical period of unconditional love and communion with another shifts quickly as planets start firing into impulsive Aries. Macho Mars is first on the 11th, but the game really changes on the 20th and 21st when the Sun and Venus shoot into the sign of the Ram to provoke impulsivity and a growing hunger for new experiences.

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