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Libra Love Horoscope: March 2013

Tipping the scales

You are often the one who goes out of her or his way to accommodate others in relationships. This is one of your most endearing traits as it shows how far you're willing to go to make people happy. That kind of generosity is lovely but might be misapplied this month. That's because your ruling planet Venus, as well as the Sun, Mars and Mercury, are all in compassionate Pisces and your 6th House of Service when March begins. While these could contribute to a romance at work or while engaging in a hobby, it can also indicate that you're giving too much in comparison to what you're getting back in return.

If you want to cater to another person, it's best to do it with low expectations instead of counting on reciprocity. The tendency to put your needs last changes in several stages this month. First, assertive Mars rams into Aries and your 7th House of Partners on the 11th, which can put more fight into you but might also attract pushy people. On the 20th and 21st the Sun and Venus enter this part of your chart, providing you with the passion to come on stronger in pursuit of what you want. Just be flexible as acting hastily could produce surprises that are best met with an adaptable attitude.

Give yourself the freedom to explore and experiment, particularly on the 22nd and 28th when planets join revolutionary Uranus and breaking rules is in order. Even if you go off track, you may learn something that frees you from old patterns and opens a fresh world of pleasurable possibilities.

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