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Pisces Love Horoscope: March 2013

Don't swim too far downstream

This could be a memorable month for relationships. March begins with four planets in your imaginative sign. Mental Mercury will remain there until mid-April, inspiring your mind with creative ideas and coloring conversations with dreams and fantasies. Passionate Mars is in Pisces until March 11 to increase your energy and provide the drive to take the initiative with others.

Even though you tend to be a sensitive person, this transit of Mars could provoke impatience and an aggressive attitude. Using this drive to increase your physical activity will enhance your vitality. The Sun in Pisces picks up your self-confidence but can also make you more self-conscious. Remember that you can get attention more easily now but that others aren't privy to your inner secrets even if it feels that way.

Most importantly, alluring Venus is in Pisces until March 21, putting you in a beautiful light and making you more appealing to others. It's wise to be discriminating about the company you keep since you may be careless about whom you pull into your orbit now. Pleasing yourself is recommended with Venus in your sign.

Making sacrifices is sometimes necessary in relationships but this really should a period when your needs come first. When Mars blasts into active Aries and your 2nd House on the 11th, it's time to put some of your dreams into action. Fantasies are fun but turning them into reality requires a desire for change that grows even stronger on March 20 and 21 and works best when you're willing to push yourself harder.

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