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Scorpio Love Horoscope: March 2013

Break the rules

OK, Scorpio, this is your time for fun and games. March opens with your passionate planet Mars, alluring Venus, chatty Mercury and the willful Sun in tender Pisces and your 5th House of Romance. Taking as much time as you can to get away from routine tasks so that you have room to enjoy the pleasures of sweet company is a must. Don't let yourself linger and wait for love to find you since Mars will be leaving this magical, magnetic and appealing part of your chart on March 11.

Advancing your social interests doesn't require you to be bold or forceful and, in fact, works better when your vulnerability is closer to the surface. This isn't about being weak or wimpy ... it's about letting down your guard and showing your feelings without shame. It's incredibly attractive to bare your soul without complaint or self-pity but with honesty and kindness.

Your creative juices are flowing, which makes you very appealing when you're in the spotlight. Use your imagination to see yourself in a more beautiful world and you can make it real. The Sun and Venus will stay in your 5th House until March 20 and 21, extending the time when your image is particularly appealing.

Mars joins revolutionary Uranus on the 22nd, which the Sun and Venus will do on the 28th, to produce shockwaves in your personal life. It's better for you to take risks, break rules and lead the way toward change since stubbornly trying to hold your ground is unlikely to keep surprises from shaking relationships.

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