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Taurus Horoscope: March 2013

A Plethora of Paradoxes

Although a series of positive aspects indicates smooth sailing through the watery Pisces New Moon on March 11, it still seems as if you're losing traction because interactive Mercury is retrograde until March 17. However, this is a great time for visualizing your ideal future while several planets cluster in dreamy Pisces and your 11th House of Long-Term Goals.

You have the fortitude to transform your vision into reality when the Sun harmonizes with unrelenting Pluto and unwavering Saturn on March 1. Similarly, resourceful Venus and loquacious Mercury connect with Pluto and Saturn on March 6-7, gracing you with uncommon clarity and unflappable determination.

But it's the Saturn-Pluto sextile that's exact on March 8 that supplies you with inexhaustible energy and willpower all month. This long-lasting alignment enables you to exhibit discipline in the face of temptations and maintain a positive attitude in these challenging times.

You can feel your forward momentum building when enthusiastic Mars enters enterprising Aries on March 12. Mercury's direct turn on March 17 feels like a booster rocket -- and then additional propulsion arrives when the Sun and Venus blast into fiery Aries on March 20-21. Electrifying conjunctions to irrepressible Uranus from Mars on March 22 and from Venus and the Sun on the March 28 should launch you into orbit.

Ironically, it's not that simple to stay on course, because expansive Jupiter creates irritating quincunxes with constrictive Saturn on March 23 and heavy-handed Pluto on March 29. Although the objective Libra Full Moon on March 27 helps you reestablish emotional equilibrium, squares to Pluto from Venus and the Sun on March 31 can surprise you with the dramatic power of your feelings.

Keep in Mind this Month

Even when things are going your way, there's still room for trouble. Stay cool, calm and collected, because your persistence will pay off.

Key Dates for Taurus

March 20-23: Starting Over

The yearly astrological cycle begins anew at the Spring Equinox, which is marked by the entry of the Sun into Aries the Ram and your 12th House of Soul Consciousness on March 20. Your ruling planet, Venus, follows suit on March 21, attracting you to new spiritual pursuits. Meanwhile, messenger Mercury is speeding up, carrying your thoughts forward again. Your intuition can bring you a sudden flash of awareness when red-hot Mars conjuncts lightning-like Uranus on March 22. However, if you aren't paying attention to what's important, an uncomfortable aspect between promising Jupiter and demanding Saturn on March 23 will bring an important issue back into focus.


March 25-28: Chaos Theory

Your top priority right now is to balance a multitude of apparently contradictory influences. You may be frustrated that adjustments you make in a relationship on March 25 don't resolve the issue. Unwarranted fears on March 26 might prompt you to overreact by escalating a power struggle with someone who's trying to control you. Fortunately, the lovely Libra Full Moon on March 27 brightens your 6th House of Details, enabling you to create a new routine. Your logic is sound, but unrestrained desires might undo your good intentions when luxurious Venus parties with outrageous Uranus on March 28.

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