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Virgo Love Horoscope: March 2013

Keep it upbeat

This is your time of the year to connect with someone new or take your current relationship to the next level. March starts with four planets in Pisces and your 7th House of Partners. Chatty Mercury will be there all month (and half of April too), which is wonderful for imaginative conversations but not so good for critical ones. Facts count less than feelings, so don't let petty details derail a potential heart connection.

Mercury's conjunction with the Sun on March 4 may reopen a channel of communication that's been closed down for a while. If a misunderstanding weakened trust, this is an excellent time to rethink your position and tackle the subject from a different perspective. Let bygones be bygones since showing compassion is more important than imposing rules or demanding accountability.

Passionate Mars blasts into fiery Aries and your 8th House of Intimacy on the 11th and will be followed there by the Sun and Venus on March 20 and 21. The game of love will be picking up speed and may feel more competitive. If you can play it with a smile and a positive attitude then powerful emotional and physical connections are likely.

You might, though, be dealing with an impatient or pushy person who doesn't have to do much to push your buttons. The line between flirting and fighting may be thin, which is why being playful is so important. Mercury's forward turn on March 17 will make it easier to meet new people or make a fresh start during the rest of the month.

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