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March 2014 Career Horoscope

Patience is a virtue

Patience is the major theme of the first few months of this year with several planets going over old territory. 2014 began with sociable Venus retrograde, communicative Mercury spent most of February in reverse, and this month sees two other key planets turning tail.

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Action-oriented Mars goes retrograde on March 1, with serious Saturn making the same move the following day. These are the two planets most associated with productivity, which could slow down the process of finding a job or becoming more efficient at work. Assertive Mars is in Libra where relationships are especially important. During this reversal period, ending on May 19, going an extra mile to make sure that you and your colleagues, customers and potential employers are on the same page could make the difference between success and failure.

Some good news is that this time is excellent for repairing alliances and reordering priorities. It also means that doors that have been closed in the past should be knocked on again to see if conditions have changed. Keeping in touch with people who can't do anything to help you now might, on the other hand, be useful in the future. A negative response now doesn't mean no forever, so keep using charm and social skills to cultivate those who can assist you professionally.

Generous Jupiter, happily, turns forward on March 6 in security-conscious Cancer, offering hope for eventually finding comfort and safety (when taking a cautious approach to career building or nurturing a fledgling business).

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