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Aries Horoscope: March 2014

Relationship rehab

You might not feel quite like your usual self as the month begins. Mars, your ruler, will turn retrograde on March 1, and it will remain so until May 19. During this phase, you may have a few setbacks in anything entrepreneurial you try to launch -- especially if it involves a business partner. As a result, it's best to hold off on any new enterprises until after Mars is back on track.

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You may also feel like the Universe is pulling you into relationship rehab if you're in a committed partnership. During the next few weeks you might reconsider the viability of your union and whether or not you feel your connection with your mate fuels your goals or detracts from them.

A disagreement with a partner -- either business or personal -- might become a deadlock situation for longer than you'd like. If this happens, do your best to remain patient. Now will not be the time to push through adversity; you'll only exhaust yourself. Instead, take a step back and revise the strategy in which you've been trying to achieve goals. In some cases you may decide to abandon a goal altogether. Or a relationship.

Be gentle with yourself physically, as you might not have as much stamina as normal. The end of the month may prove especially challenging. A New Moon in your sign on March 30 promises a fresh start, but everything will be stacked against you. You might crumble underneath all the pressure. If that does happen, remember that before a breakthrough there sometimes needs to be a breakdown. Soon enough, you'll be blazing new and better trails.