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Aries Career Horoscope for March 2014

Strategic relationships

Yours is a sign of passion, power and bold action. You're an initiator who is motivated to keep pushing forward in your professional life. It's likely you've learned how to temper your impatience with slow-thinking people and calm your frustration from dealing with routine tasks.

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But the planets are asking you to turn up your emotional air conditioning even higher this month when it comes to your career. That's because your potent ruling planet Mars turns retrograde on March 1 and will continue its reversal through the zodiac until May 19. This may require a good deal of backtracking, reconnecting with people, and adjusting projects that aren't easy to get off the ground. Pacing yourself is a must, even after the Sun enters your dynamic sign on March 20.

Being strategic is called for, which asks you to think several moves ahead in your professional life. Investing time and energy to develop and reinforce relationships can seem like a waste but is the best investment you can make. You will get second chances to meet significant people or to smooth over differences when you're cool enough to set aside immediate needs to consider long-term goals.

Building alliances that often require compromise is where the real gold is this month. March 14 and 19 should be especially good for making connections and sharing important ideas without appearing to be pushy or overly anxious. If you make the quality of your working relationships a priority, you can gain support from people you never expected to become your allies. Social skills, in fact, are your greatest assets now.

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