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Cancer Horoscope: March 2014

Domestic rights

Significant adjustments will be required on the home front this month, possibly due to changes in your career or with professional goals. On March 1, you'll notice this feeling of being pulled backward, right into a murky domestic situation you thought you had under control. The Universe has declared: "Not so fast!" and it appears there is more work to do in this area. You might be in the midst of a cold war with one of your relatives, trying your best to keep the peace so as not to stir up things and make it uncomfortable for everyone else in your clan. If that has been your approach lately, from now until May 19 you may discover that you're fooling no one -- and sparing no one in your family from strife. In fact, avoiding the issue will only make it worse.

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If you're married, it's possible your spouse will receive positive news about his or her finances after March 5 -- more attractive benefits or a raise are all possible now. Alternatively, if you've recently accepted a temp position, you may hear about a more permanent offer near March 6 -- one that includes health insurance and a retirement plan!

Either way, expect positive news relating to career and finances for you around March 18. A promotion, honor or award is possible near March 30, but it'll be difficult to fully enjoy it because you may also hear plenty of whining in the background from your family or partner. It appears that what is good for you isn't convenient for them. Don't allow it to stop you.