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Cancer Career Horoscope for March 2014

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March begins with the expressive Sun in dreamy Pisces and your forward-looking 9th House. This is a useful transit for inspiring you to visualize a more exciting professional life. If you're on a positive path now, this can produce the emotional juice you need to take your work life to the next level. But if you're clearly not on the road to professional fulfillment, images of a more desirable tomorrow could stir restless feelings.

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Education is a possible road toward finding vocational happiness but if that's not an option, expanding your mind outside the job is another way of giving meaning and purpose to your life.

On March 1, the Full Moon in skillful Virgo opposes this Pisces Sun, reminding you that taking care of the little things weaves a web of competence that gives you the confidence to aim even higher. The trick is to be flexible enough to shift your perspective from immediate tasks to long-range vision as needed.

On March 20, the Sun blasts into fiery Aries and your 10th House of Career, turning up the heat at work. Pioneering Aries is usually excellent for taking chances, yet the Ram's ruling planet Mars is retrograde in Libra all month. This puts an emphasis on repairing current working alliances and, perhaps, reconnecting with energetic people from your past.

Taking the time to smooth out relationships and being patient about slowly cultivating new ones may not pay off as quickly as you'd like, but can be critical to reaching your most important career goals.

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