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Cancer Love Horoscope for March 2014

Domestic disputes

The month may not begin on a positive note as it relates to your love life. On March 2, there's a strong indication that you and your mate will be locking horns over a domestic dispute. This will likely remain a bone of contention for weeks to come thanks to an extended retrograde of the planet Mars in your family sector. In fact, until May 19 you'll likely be searching for resolution on this matter. The problem is that you feel like you need serious back up. You might be all alone fighting a battle that your partner wants nothing to do with. Or, he or she might be the one causing the entire ruckus. Indeed, for some of you, there might be a point where you seriously wonder whether you're actually sleeping with the enemy.

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In addition to this, the ruler of your partnership sector, Saturn, will turn retrograde on March 2, and it will remain so until July 20. If married, this might slow down developments in your relationship even more. You might feel as if your partner is reneging on certain responsibilities -- especially those that involve your children. If you're spending so much time arguing about who is changing Junior's diapers and who is helping your other little one with homework, you might become so frustrated that you feel as if there's nothing left to give. This may really affect your sex life. Try not to withhold sex in a passive aggressive attempt to get your partner to change. That never works.

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