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Capricorn Horoscope: March 2014

A wrinkle in time

When it comes to professional matters, patience will be required this month. Although you might have recently launched something related to your career, or you hope to press ahead with a new venture, as the month begins you'll clearly see that delays and obstacles are everywhere you turn. It is a signal from the universe that now is not the time to act … it's a time to wait.

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Perhaps there's a wrinkle in your action plan and you need the extra time to identify and iron it out. Or, you might be in a difficult position with a VIP, and you will need to smooth over this relationship before you can move upward and onward. Whatever the details, now is not your ideal time to begin anything new related to your career. Your powers of negotiation and collaboration may be weaker than usual, and your ambition thwarted. Remember: This is only temporary. There is a reason for this great pause in your plans, and even if you don't understand it now, work with it. You'll come out a sure winner after May 19.

Ironically, despite this setback, you'll be in an enviable position financially after March 5. You might even make a gorgeous leap in discussions with your boss about money on March 14. An unexpected boost in finances may come your way through a family member on March 18. On March 29, a nice payout might arrive, but the money will likely be spent as quickly as you receive it. Look at the bright side: At least you'll have what you need!