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Capricorn Love Horoscope for March 2014

Let love in

Career missteps might get in the way of your love life for a bit. On March 1, Mars, the planet of action, will turn retrograde in the area of your chart that rules profession and honors. You might feel quite frustrated in the lack of progress when it comes to one of your career goals. On March 2, love planet Venus will square off with Mars, and it'll be clear that romance is not on your mind.

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In fact, you might feel as if you haven't got time for such frivolous behavior. If you're dating someone, he or she might feel as if you've completely rejected your affair. You haven't. You're just the type of person who can't seem to enjoy love or other forms of pleasure when things aren't going your way career wise. As a result, your greatest focus until after May 19 (when Mars turns direct) will likely be re-strategizing what you need to do in order to achieve your ambitions. Love, in your opinion, can wait.

If you're in a relationship, however, or if you're married, there will be a different energy at play. You might lean on your partner more for support during this tenuous time in your professional life. You'll want to listen to your mate's words of wisdom on March 26, because the conversation you have on this day will help you make a vital decision on March 28 that will likely put you back in a position of power.

Whether single or attached, if you're feeling lonely on March 29, try not to isolate yourself even more from those who love you. Let them in.

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