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Gemini Horoscope: March 2014

Bring sexy back

Let's talk about sex. On March 1, Mars will turn retrograde in your romance sector. Because Mars rules our libido and it will backtrack in the area of your chart ruling pleasure, it suggests this might be a month you protest: "I can't get no satisfaction!"

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Indeed, the universe in all its wisdom has a reason for this sexual frustration. You might have a problem asking for what you want in the bedroom. If this is the case, you now have an opportunity to make a few changes that will lead to greater fulfillment for both you and your lover. Of course, it might not be easy at first, as defenses tend to be up where sexuality is concerned. If you remember that the goal is mutual pleasure and fulfillment, however, there's a strong potential that you will, in fact, be in a position to have the very best sex of your life -- after May 19.

If you have any children, this might be a difficult time. Perhaps your babysitter will throw a tantrum and suddenly quit, leaving you and your spouse in a bind. Or, it's possible that your once sweet little angel will suddenly show signs of crankiness. You'll mediate through any situation if you retain your ability to be flexible. In fact, a Full Moon in your home and family sector on March 16 will help you take care of family business.

Thankfully, this month will not be all obstruction. In fact, you'll have incredible career prospects thanks to a shiny New Moon on March 1. Conversations with a VIP will go exceptionally well between March 17-22. In fact, you might even feel inspired by the words of someone you hold in high regard.