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Gemini Career Horoscope for March 2014

Clear, creative messages

Expect the pace to pick up and activities that have been put on hold to start gaining traction this month. For most of February, your ruling planet Mercury was stuck in reverse. Its retrograde period ended on March 28 and now you should finally get a chance to nail down commitments and put projects into forward gear. A key to making the most of your opportunities is to keep your eye on the big picture.

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Mercury is usually very detail oriented but spends the month in the zodiac's last two signs where recognizing broad patterns is its strength. The messenger planet occupies intellectual Aquarius and your 9th House of Higher Education, Beliefs and Travel, until March 17. Working with people in faraway places and learning about new concepts can expand your vision and enhance your intuition. Behave like a good student and keep your mind open to unusual ideas, and be a successful teacher by simplifying complex concepts.

Then Mercury enters dreamy Pisces and your 10th House of Career where imagination runs strong. Your words can inspire others, especially when you back up facts with emotion. Yet there is also a chance that you will misunderstand messages from a boss or have others misread you then.

Creativity may be off the charts on March 22 but real brilliance, the ability to intelligently assess situations and to communicate effectively soars around March 26 and 27. If you're trying to impress an employer or customer, you have both the passion and power to make points that are likely to be extremely convincing.

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