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Gemini Love Horoscope for March 2014

Spice things up

Your sex life -- or lack of one -- will be the primary focus for you this month. The problem appears to be that you're not satisfied with your sex life on some level. If you're already partnered up, things may have become rather stale and predictable in the bedroom. That's a surefire relationship killer for you! When a relationship becomes boring (intellectually or physically) you tend to lose interest quickly. If, however, you're truly in love with your partner, you'll want to address this slump in your sex life to see if you and your mate can figure out innovative ways to spice things up.

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The culprit for this razor sharp focus on all things libidinal has to do with the planet Mars. He rules, among other things, your sex life. It turns out that from March 1 until May 19, this planet will move retrograde in the area of your chart that encompasses romance and pleasure. That will be a clear signal to revise your bedroom strategy to ensure you're giving and receiving maximum fulfillment in this area.

For some of you who are single, it's possible that you'll become extra frustrated over the lack of action. You might even be tempted to re-ignite a "friends with benefits" relationship with someone. Instead of jumping into bed, why not reconsider what you truly desire in a bedmate? Don't settle for any available warm body -- you deserve more!

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