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Leo Horoscope: March 2014

Mending fences

If you have any unresolved issues with a sibling, cousin, or even one of your neighbors, this might become a central point of focus for you now. In fact, between March 1 and May 19, you'll have a significant opportunity to mend fences with this person once and for all. Of course, doing so might involve you giving a little, and in some cases taking the high road.

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You might start off the month filled with so much pride that you can't bear to entertain the thought of this, but by March 14 you might have a change of heart. If this happens, credit your partner for talking sense into you, because it appears communication with him or her will be incredibly positive during that time.

In other news, a new investment opportunity may arise around March 1, thanks to a glorious New Moon in the area of your chart that rules big money. Real estate investments or a conversation with a relative about family finances will go well around March 13. A Full Moon on March 14 will offer you deeper insight into your overall financial picture.

If you're involved in any legal matter, the month might not end on a positive note. Anticipate struggle in this area on March 20. Ironically, the harder you push, the more power you'll give to your adversary. Keep this in mind as you proceed.