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Leo Career Horoscope for March 2014

Tact and diplomacy

Delicacy in dealing with others looks to be a key issue in your work life for much of March. The Sun, your ruler, is in super-sensitive Pisces and your 8th House of Deep Sharing.

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It's challenging to know when to be tender to a colleague, partner or customer and when to recognize that she or he is in a self-made fantasyland. Starting with kindness, though, shouldn't hurt, because it may take someone a while to put their imaginative ideas and musings into practical form. But when you're connected to that creative person, you provide the courage and confidence to advance her or his ideas while your own imagination is also being stimulated.

On March 1 the pragmatic Virgo Full Moon opposes the Pisces Sun from your 2nd House of Resources. You usually don't like pinching pennies, but taking a very practical look at the expenses of time, money and energy could make the difference between building a solid plan and getting lost in an unrealistic illusion. Speak softly, though, with aggressive Mars retrograde in lovely Libra and your 3rd House of Communication all month.

Diplomacy and a strong sense of fairness build alliances and gain support while appearing pushy or insensitive undermines them. Still, it may be tougher to remain patient and relatively passive when the Sun rushes into brash Aries on March 20. This fires up ambition and sparks fresh ideas for the future in your visionary 9th house. Initiating contact with people and organizations in faraway places are excellent ways to increase your enthusiasm for work.

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