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Leo Love Horoscope for March 2014

Get lucky

Your love life might receive a lovely jolt after March 6. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, is the ruler of your true love sector. On March 6, this lucky planet will turn direct after having spent several months in retrograde motion. Because Jupiter is currently moving through the area of your chart that rules seclusion, this might amp up a secret romance. If you've had feelings for someone and kept them to yourself, you may decide to open up. Alternatively, you might simply feel like keeping your private life private.

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On March 5, love planet Venus will enter your relationship sector, where she'll remain until April 5. If attached, you'll find this to be an especially harmonious phase in your love life. Cooperation with your mate will be easier to achieve, and you'll both enjoy more social time with friends or in group settings.

You might, however, have a glitch in communication near the March 11. Don't allow a potential disagreement relating to a family matter get in the way of your bliss. If possible, keep your domestic life as far apart from your love life as you can to avoid anything dicey. The same will be true for March 29, but at least on this day you'll have lovely support to talk anything through. You're in a better position than most this month when it comes to love. Enjoy it!

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