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Libra Horoscope: March 2014

Running on empty

If you begin the month not quite feeling like yourself, you're not losing your mind. No, it's planetary. On March 1, Mars, the planet that rules our energy and drive, will turn retrograde in your sign, remaining in this weakened state until May 19.

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Suddenly, you may feel as if someone is siphoning the gas right out of your own personal fuel tank! If this happens, be gentle with yourself and don't over-schedule your days. Now will be a time to slow down and re-evaluate how you're using your energy. Are you putting all you've got into something that's not going anywhere? Whether this is a project or a relationship, now is the time to assess the situation honestly. Repair is possible, but only if you're willing to change your approach.

Now is not the time to start any new projects that you hope will succeed, because Mars rules initiation. Delays, frustration or even failure are more likely during this retrograde cycle. Instead, plan. Strategize. Plot. Then, after May 19 you'll have all you need to move forward and triumph.

From March 5 through April 5, you'll have dazzling potential to meet someone if you're single. In fact, you might have incredible romantic support despite Mars being out of phase! One tip to be mindful of, however, is this: Mars also rules sex, and if you begin a new sexual relationship while Mars is retrograde there might be more problems in the bedroom than you bargained for. The solution? Keep it platonic for the next few weeks. You'll be glad you waited.