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Libra Love Horoscope for March 2014

Love is a battlefield

Life might be more of a series of blocks and frustrations for you from March 1 until May 19. This will be especially obvious in your love life. That's because Mars, the planet of action and motivation, will turn retrograde in your sign during this time. You are the sign that is learning to relate and cooperate. Partnership is an essential part of your learning experience here on Earth. What you tend to do is defer, or even eclipse, your own identity in order to ensure that there is peace in your primary relationship. This is because the urge to merge is so dominating for you that you would rather make your mate happy than yourself.

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This is not a good approach, because it may lead to resentment ultimately. Over the next few weeks this will be a major theme. Mars likes to fight. Mars wants what he wants and doesn't really care about what the partner wants. Over the last few weeks while Mars was direct, he was motivated to achieve relationship progress. You might have spent plenty of time working on an area in your love life searching for this balance between "we" and "me."

Well, now that Mars is sleeping, you'll encounter a test or two. Is your current relationship really working? Are you fighting fair? Are you afraid to fight? These themes will come up strongly now, and it's up to you to assess what needs changing honestly. A stressful New Moon in your partnership sector on March 30 might be the beginning of the end or the start of something new. Either way, you'll have to battle to get there.

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