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Scorpio Horoscope: March 2014

Unclaimed baggage

Usually, you prefer to fly under the radar. When no one sees you coming, you have an ability to make a deep and lasting impact. This month, however, you might feel unduly frustrated at your capacity to press forward in a personal endeavor. If, however, you remember that your power lies in your gift to remain secretly intense, the phase you begin on March 1 won't unravel you. Instead, it'll empower you.

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That phase has to do with Mars. He is the warrior planet and rules our drive and motivation. From March 1 until May 19, he'll move retrograde in the area of your chart that is completely surreptitious. You may already be involved in a behind-the-scenes project that requires incredible stamina, and if so you might need to revise your approach to this endeavor over the next several weeks. Another possibility is that you will revisit a few demons from your past that you thought you'd already annihilated. They might need one more beating.

While all of this is going on inside, or behind the scenes, you might find there are incredible social opportunities taking shape. A New Moon in your true love sector on March 1 might be all you need to meet someone with serious soul mate potential. After March 5, you can expect domestic harmony to be the norm rather than the exception.

Then, a Full Moon on March 16 might open doors for you to deepen your affiliation in a group or organization. You might receive an invitation to join the board of directors or to speak for the association. A second New Moon of the month on March 30 might bring a new work opportunity, but be warned: There will be a lot of baggage attached to it!