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Scorpio Love Horoscope for March 2014

All talk, no action

There's plenty to talk about this month as it relates to your love life. Unfortunately, it will all happen underneath the surface, and all of this talk might not lead to much action. Still, there's something going on deep inside of you. Even if you can't act on it just yet, it will change you at the core.

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Ironically, there is potential for romance, thanks to a blissful New Moon in your true love sector on March 1. If single, you might encounter someone you feel has true soul mate potential. Explore, date, get to know each other ... but don't make the relationship physical just yet. In fact, if you really hit it off, explain to this suitor that you want to work on your spiritual and emotional connection first, before you move on to the physical expression of love. Why? Well, this goes back to that massive internal change you're experiencing.

On March 1, besides that incredible New Moon, the planet Mars will turn retrograde in the area of your chart that rules everything hidden. Mars is the principle of action and sex, and it is now in the partnership sign Libra. Mars retrograde cycles are never a good time to initiate a brand new sexual relationship with someone. The sex will be "off" somehow, and after Mars turns direct on May 19, you will really notice it. An otherwise wonderful love match might end due to this sexual incompatibility.

You're much better off waiting. Besides, there's a strong indication that you're spending time during this cycle working through personal anxieties about physical intimacy. You need this time to release them before you invite someone new into that sacred space. Frustrating at times? Yes. But it will certainly be worth the wait.

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