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Taurus Love Horoscope for March 2014

Put yourself out there

On March 1, a delicious New Moon will illuminate your social networking sector. This is the area of your chart that rules all of your convivial encounters with friends. Those meet-up groups you attend, and the parties and organizations you belong to? They're all under this domain. With a New Moon here, it's likely you're about to expand your social circle in an exciting way. You might participate in activities with pals that are more spiritual or artistic. If one of your friends offers to set you up on a date with someone, be sure to accept in the first 10 days after this lunation -- there's a good chance that you and this person will have a lot in common.

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Also, Internet dating is favored during this time. Be warned, however: If you are single from March 1 until May 19, you are not advised to begin a new sexual relationship. Mars, the planet that rules our libido, will be retrograde during this time, and it may put a monkey wrench into your sex life. The person you thought you were having great sex with at first might have a very different feel by the time Mars turns direct. Better to remain friends for as long as possible.

Another potential boost in your romantic life may come from someone you admire and respect. A parent or even your boss may introduce you to someone after March 5. It's also possible that you'll meet someone who is a VIP in your industry and realize that you have strong feelings for him or her. Take it slow! A Full Moon in your true love sector will bring emotions to the surface on March 16. If you've already been dating someone, you might realize that your love has truly blossomed. If you're casually dating, you might take the relationship to the next level and decide to become exclusive.

If attached or married, watch out for March 29. Tension may surface between you and your sweetheart. Professional goals might interfere with your alone time, or with one of you feeling valued in the relationship. Make it right.

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