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March 2015 Horoscope

Let the firestorm begin

March begins with one of the most rare and fortunate cosmic lineups of all! On March 3, Jupiter will create a perfect trine to Uranus, and you can expect a lightning bolt of sudden, unexpected luck to hit you somewhere in your life.

Then, on March 4, Venus will create that same perfect trine to Jupiter, offering another moment of goodness you'll want to cherish. Unfortunately, it may quickly turn into a firestorm in matters of the heart once Venus moves on to form nasty connections to Uranus and Pluto.

A Full Moon in Virgo on March 5 will leave you completely aware that it's time to get back to work and put your nose to the grindstone on a major project. On March 12, Mercury will enter Pisces, and communication related matters become softer and your imagination will flow until March 30.

Then, on March 16, you'll feel the powerful punch of the VERY last Uranus-Pluto square we will ever experience in our time. This powerful connection has wreaked havoc in lives everywhere since 2012. Now, there is one last shake-up, and over the next few months the earth will begin to feel a little less rocky.

On March 17, love planet Venus enters sensual Taurus, allowing everyone to enjoy the pleasures in life more freely until April 11. This is the time to fully utilize your senses and trust your business instinct -- especially on March 24 March 30!

A Solar Eclipse in Pisces occurs on March 19, encouraging us to make a move toward what feeds our soul the most. Are you ready?

Key Astrology events to watch for this March include:

March 5: Full Moon in Virgo

March 12: Mercury in Pisces

March 14: Saturn Retrograde

March 16: Uranus square Pluto

March 17: Venus in Taurus

March 20: Sun in Aries, Spring Equinox, New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces

March 30: Mercury in Aries

March 31: Mars in Taurus

Look up your zodiac sign below for more key dates and predictions for March 2015.