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Aquarius Love Horoscope for March 2015


You might feel like the luckiest person in the world when it comes to partnership and love. On March 3, a gorgeous connection between Jupiter, now in your relationship sector, and Uranus, will bring a sudden conversation between you and your mate that is sure to fortify your union in the most exciting way possible.

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You might sign papers that somehow strengthen your commitment. This can be anything from a pre-nup, to a lease agreement or mortgage, to a new business endeavor that you launch together. Whatever the case, it looks promising. There might be a few sticky situations to iron out on March 4, but it's nothing that will derail your happiness.

A Full Moon on March 5 will bring even more news about joint resources. You and your partner appear to be in a situation where you're really comingling funds. You may also benefit from your partner's resources in an extraordinary way now. Perhaps he or she will hear news of an exciting bonus or raise. Or, an investment might yield incredible dividends, much to your delight.

You'll focus more on home and hearth after March 17,and if you're building a nest with your lover, this will be an especially happy time for the both of you. Until April 11, you'll enjoy entertaining more from home, and you might spend extra money on decorating your living space. You and your sweetheart will have the same taste and style, which will make decisions even easier. Enjoy!

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