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Cancer Horoscope: March 2015

The path to prosperity

Expect massive -- and overwhelmingly positive -- changes to your status and financial situation! On March 3, there will be an incredible opportunity for you to shine your light and make money doing so. Be sure to grab it! On March 4, there is even more support for a sudden change in direction that leads to a beneficial financial outcome. Your spouse or business partner might not be fully supportive, but at this point you don't care much about that. You're perfectly happy going after what you want without anyone else's approval.

A contract or car lease might expire near March 5, and if so you'll be ready to move on to the next order of business -- or vehicle. This will be a good time to sign a new agreement if that's on the agenda. You'll be focused on details, but you will also have the capacity to communicate about what is most meaningful and will serve the greatest good.

The last of seven Uranus-Pluto squares to hit since 2012 will occur on March 16. You've been rattled before by this energy, and this time around might be no different. Again, the theme appears to be your ambitions in life vs. your relationships. One doesn't seem to gel with the other, and you're not about to let that stop you.

Friendship and your social life becomes a bright spot after March 17 and until April 11. You'll feel that you can truly count on your pals for sustenance and support. You might also participate in events or meetings that have to do with improving your finances. You'll be interested in networking with people who have the potential to enhance your personal earning power.