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Cancer Love Horoscope for March 2015

Hitting the cosmic jackpot

Your love life will truly be something worth talking about after March 17. That's when Venus enters the area of your chart that has to do with friends, groups and your social life -- not to mention your greatest hopes and wishes. Until April 11, you'll have amazing support from your network of pals that may somehow connect to the love department. And if your greatest hope these days has to do with finding the love of your life, well, you might have just hit the cosmic jackpot!

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The possibilities are endless. One possible scenario is that, because you'll be attending more fun social events, you'll be in the perfect environment to meet someone new -- someone who captures your heart. You might not think that responding "yes" to more parties or nights out with pals can have that much of a difference, but now it certainly can. The universe wants to conspire to help you make a love connection.

Another way this energy can manifest could be more directly connected to one of your friends. If you and this buddy have undeniable chemistry between each other that goes beyond anything platonic, this might be the perfect time to test the waters and see if you are both ready to go from friends to lovers. A friend might also offer to set you up on a date with someone he or she thinks is perfect for you, and if so be sure to accept!

Last but not least, Venus touring your 11th house is connected to Internet dating or anyone you meet through social media. Consider setting up a profile on a new dating website or sending that cute FB friend a flirty message. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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