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Capricorn Horoscope: March 2015

Home sweet home

If you've been holding your breath, waiting for news about a mortgage, loan or line of credit coming through, you may hear something extra positive on March 3. Finally, you'll feel like you can begin to move forward with whatever domestic-related project you have that requires these extra funds.

The problem is that someone at home isn't cooperating with you. In fact, as the month progresses, things could get quite ugly. On March 4, there might be a sudden turn of events, where you go from thinking you have a relative's support on a matter to suddenly not having anything of the sort. You'll go from feeling confused to inflamed very quickly, so do what you can to mind your temper.

Even so, it appears that the last Uranus-Pluto square on March 16 will surely make its mark in your life -- especially as it relates to family matters. There have been six other squares just like this since 2012, and each time something major has likely occurred to shake up your domestic world.

Although these changes have been unsettling, at the same time they are paving the way to an entirely new experience of security. Unfortunately, it is one that you must build on your own -- even if it means breaking free from a situation in your family that used to provide that sense of sustenance. It might very well be that you're determined to relocate while your relatives are scratching their head wondering why you'd want to move so far away from home. Whatever the details, you are clearly re-defining what home means to you this month, one way or another.