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Capricorn Love Horoscope for March 2015

Dust off your dancing shoes

This will be a rocky month, both personally and in your family life. Because you'll be so focused on tending to domestic drama, you may not have much time or energy to prioritize fun and romance. Sometimes you must put pleasure on the back burner and tend to business, and this will be one of those months -- at least until March 17.

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On March 4, and again from March 11-16, there could be bombs going off every which way in your domestic world. If you are living with a partner, this might bleed into your love life because you simply won't have much energy to pay attention to your relationship. Make an effort to create a united front, no matter what the details are behind your family crisis. This will not only help you both get through this, but it'll remind you that no matter what, you can get through anything together.

If single, you'll actually enter a glorious cycle for romance on March 17! Until April 11, you'll enjoy Venus touring your true love sector. This can bring more pleasure, fun, social opportunities and dating opportunities your way. To take full advantage of this -- however, you need to make an effort. So dust off your dancing shoes and get ready to paint the town red!

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