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Leo Horoscope: March 2015

Make it happen

There's plenty of excitement in store for you this month! It all begins with a gorgeous connection between lucky Jupiter, now in your sign, to surprise planet Uranus. Expect an amazing boost from a spiritual mentor. You may also hear incredible news about getting accepted into the school of your dreams, or that study abroad program you've always wanted to participate in. Another potential is that you'll have an opportunity to travel abroad. Wow!

Your values and self-worth are highlighted on March 5. Fortunately, you'll have the capacity to see your true talents and use them in their best possible light as you work on an important project. Financial reward is possible.

From March 12 until March 30, you might spend more time talking to your accountant or financial advisor about investment or tax matters. This will be a time to remember that dreaming about your future financial freedom requires solid planning, not simply pie-in-the-sky hopes. If you want it, make it happen!

Expect career strides after March 17 and until April 11. Your boss will have little trouble seeing you for what you're truly worth to the company. Also, you might have ideas about projects that can increase the company's finances which will ultimately, help yours.

After March 19, you may hear positive news about your partner's income. Or, you might successfully negotiate a bonus, raise in commission rate or royalty payout for yourself. You deserve it!