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Leo Love Horoscope for March 2015

Romantic roller coaster

Romance continues to be an adventure for most of the month -- one filled with a certain amount of ups and downs. The good news is that these changes will most likely excite more than derail you.

On March 4, love planet Venus makes a scintillating link to Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, now in your sign. Expect GREAT things to happen in your romantic life! Think big, and don't be afraid to reach for exactly what you want in love.

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The crazy thing is that you're likely to get what you want, and then feel incredibly weirded out about the fact that your wish was the universe's command. Don't allow that strange feeling to cause any impulsive reaction that might actually get in the way of the good stuff. Make it a point to allow it in and not question it too much, otherwise you might spend a great romantic day being more paranoid than anything else.

On March 20, a Solar Eclipse in your 8th House of Shared Resources might bring a new financial opportunity for your mate if you're attached. If you're thinking about making a joint investment, this will be the perfect time to do so -- don't be afraid to comingle funds! You may also discover a way to enhance your intimate connection with one another, both in and out of the bedroom. Use your imagination -- fantasy is encouraged now.

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