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Pisces Love Horoscope for March 2015

Romantic revelations

This month's lunation's will have a direct effect on your relationship life, so get ready to experience change and emotionally-charged events when it comes to love.

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It all begins with a Full Moon in your partnership sector on March 5. You might feel extremely emotionally connected to your mate during this time, and if so it'll be easy to nurture the potential to strengthen your bond even more. A certain level of awareness is likely to occur -- the kind of revelation that makes you certain that you two have a connection that can withstand more than most. If so, you are truly blessed.

In rare instances, this lunation will be more about an "a-ha" moment that leads to separation. If that should occur, you would already be well aware that you and your partner are ready to dissolve your union. Still, the emotional fallout will be more intense during this time, and you'll need to give yourself a chance to breath and grieve.

Love planet Venus enters your communication sector on March 17, and you and your mate will have an easy and sweet time conveying thoughts and ideas until April 11. You might share more loving words during this time, as well, which is always a nice situation!

A potent Solar Eclipse in your sign on March 20 signals a personal fresh start, as well as the potential for a new start in a relationship. You want to make a change in your life, and there is every indication that the universe supports this shift. Follow your bliss.

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