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Sagittarius Love Horoscope for March 2015

Change will do you good

Romance will be exciting this month, but it will also be extremely volatile. In the end, only you can decide if the pleasure is worth the pain.

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On March 4, you might start out feeling as if things could not possibly get any better between you and your lover. Then, a sudden turn of events might lead to you seeing a side of your sweetheart you never saw before. Passion, obsession and control issues are all themes that may emerge. This might also have to do with a financial matter, and if you discover that your lover has unsavory intentions connected to your personal resources you might quickly react.

Tempers will really flare near March 11, and again on March 16, but whatever the details of these events may be, they will certainly help you decide whether or not your exhilarating love life is worth all the chaos, or if it has simply left you feeling emptier than ever before. A change is necessary either way.

If single, be especially careful not to give in to a tempting one night stand early this month -- it could turn into something physically or psychologically dangerous for you, and that is the last thing you need to worry about!
After March 17, and until April 11, your love-life drama may calm down considerably. If you're single, an office romance could blossom. You might also meet someone special at the gym or while in the waiting room of a doctor's office. Your next great love might even be in the health care industry.

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