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Scorpio Love Horoscope for March 2015

Let the chips falls

An office romance might become so messy near March 4 that you and your lover decide it's no longer worth the price you'll need to pay. If this has been a casual affair, you can be sure that the price will not be worth it. If, however, the two of you are truly in love, see if you can ride out the more difficult energy and examine where the chips have fallen after March 11. One of you might need to leave your position in order to salvage the relationship or your career.

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If you're in a committed partnership, life is about to get sweeter after March 17. Until April 11, you and your mate can expect smooth sailing in the relationship department. A greater sense of unity and harmony will make it easy to collaborate on projects or to make decisions together. Plus, you'll enjoy just being around each other -- now that's a happy prospect!

If single, romantic opportunity will surface after the Solar Eclipse on March 20. This eclipse falls in your true love sector, and it might be all you need to stimulate someone new walking into your life. Open your heart and be willing to see what that can bring.

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