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Tarurus Love Horoscope for March 2015

Hell hath no fury...

If you start the month still pining away for someone you know you shouldn't be with, emotions could be tricky to navigate. On March 4, you might suddenly reveal your feelings in a way that makes you look more crazy than flattering to this person. Or, it's possible you'll decide this person isn't worth losing your sanity over after all. If that's the case, you'll begin to get angry, and you might unleash your fury close to March 11. Try not to misdirect your anger. Remember, if you're this upset, it's not a healthy situation, and you probably shouldn't be with the person. Let it go.

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Matters of the heart reach a culmination on March 5, thanks to a Full Moon in your true love sector. If you are in a good place with someone, it's possible you'll realize it is turning into actual love. This will be a good time to reveal your feelings. If, however, you're dating someone who isn't leaving you with that loving feeling, it'll be time to cut him or her loose.

On March 17, your ruler, Venus, will enter your sign, and she remains there until April 11. It's time to rejoice! Now, you'll have an alluring edge in terms of physical appearance. You'll look more beautiful than ever, and this will translate into a greater sense of confidence that other people can't help but notice. Expect a powerful level of magnetism to help you attract the object of your desire.

On March 24, and again on March 30, you'll have glittering prospects for love. Mark these romantic days on a calendar, and make sure you're in a position to take full advantage of them!

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